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General Contractor Construction Services

Once your project’s architectural and interior design is ready, it’s time for the construction phase to kick-off. We are aware of the fact that you completing your project quickly is important, and we’re also aware that staying on budget is critical. That’s the reason why we’ve built our processes and patterns. The tried and true construction portion has been implemented to ensure that the construction of your project is carried out efficiently and effectively, and without as little stress as possible.

Project budgets and deadlines are real; sometimes an expiring lease can relay your back against the wall; a day or two of lost production will definitely have a tangible impact on your bottom line.  Remodeling or expanding can’t entail shutting your doors for weeks on end, and a time saved off of your construction schedule simply means you get to enjoy the benefits of your new office as soon as possible. One thing you can trust is that Edmondson Construction will have your office built perfectly just the way you want it, and also provide you with:

  • Coordination of all city and state permitting and approvals.
  • A proven contractor/subcontractor screening process to ensure that you get the perfect tradespeople available for the best price.
  • A certified project bidding process that results to “apples-to-apples” pricing. An strategy of reviewing project bids so you can select those who will work on your project.
  • Weekly project updates and photos so you’re aware of your project status.
  • Budget and scheduling control measures to ascertain that your project stays exactly on track.
  • Project supervision by highly trained and experienced team members.
  • Systematic scheduling method that gives way for complex, phased remodels do be carried out while you continue doing business.
  • Numerous ways to address your project’s construction urgent needs with general contracting and construction management.

Construction Details and Design

The interior design of your office, whether that be dental/medical office or commercial tenant space is closely linked to its architectural design. Proper interior design will lighten the look and feel of your office and help to fully relate the vision you have for your practice. Through the experience of our team at Edmondson Construction, you’ll make color, materials and finish selections that will bring about a custom look and feel for your office. This process includes selecting:

  • Flooring
  • Paint and wall coverings
  • Door and trim styles
  • Cabinet materials
  • Countertop materials
  • Light fixtures
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Fabrics
  • Furnishings (multiple options can be priced)

Building Lasting Relationships

Having been in the construction business in Alaska since 2002, Edmondson Construction has built their business around relationships. Our team values and strives to maintain relationships with Alaska’s “best of the best”. Building and retaining these long-term relationships improves our reputation, as well as increasing the quality of your project outcome.

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